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Griffon Red
Cobblestone Stout
Waupoos Cider
Labatt's 50
Mill St. Organic
Pilsner Urquell

St Ambroise Cream Ale
Red Racer IPA
Liefmans Fruitesse

Dieu Du Ciel D'Hibiscus Rosee
Stone Brewing CO Stone IPA
Nickel Brook Equilibrium ESB (cask)


Sunday Funday July 26th

All day $4.50 pints of Steamwhistle Pilsner and Griffon Red.

Live music starting at 10:00PM featuring CHRIS KOSTER & BRETT EMMONDS.

Don't miss out on our month-end party. Guaranteed great music, tasty drinks and one heck of good time!!

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Soups & Salads

Caesar Salad

    Daily Soup - 7

    Caesar Salad
    smoked bacon, fresh parmesan, crispy egg, croutons - 9.5

    pear, roasted walnuts, chevre, vincotto - 10.5

    Chopped Salad
    mixed greens, blackberries, candied sunflower seeds, feta cheese, blackberry balsamic vinaigrette - 13



Red House Burger

    Our sandwiches are served with choice of daily soup, side Caesar, side arugula or house cut fries. Add 1.50 for poutine, roasted potatoes or grain pilaf


    Red House Burger

    tomato relish, mustard mayo, aged cheddar, crispy onions - 13.5

    Chicken Club
    smoked bacon, tomato relish, basil aioli, iceburg - 13.5

    Crispy Pork Belly Sandwich
    soy glaze, daikon slaw, iceberg lettuce, spicy basil aioli, Navajo roll - 13

    Fried Chicken
    buttermilk biscuit, pickles, honey mustard - 13.5

    Roasted Squash
    arugula, chevre, sunflower seeds, sherry vinaigrette - 12

    Cornmeal Crusted Local Trout
    arugula, pickle and caper relish, lime crème fraîche - 13.5

    Shaved Striploin
    open faced, basil aioli, aged cheddar, red onion, parmesan biscuit - 14




Beer Nuts & Smoked Almonds

    Beer Nuts - 3.5 

    Smoked Almonds - 4

    Roasted Olives
    citrus, chili, herbs - 5

    House Smoked Sausage & Local Cheese - 7.5

    House Cut Fries
    basil aioli - 6

    brown gravy, local curds - 8

    Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Bites
    honey mustard - 10

    Pickled Vegetable Quinoa Rolls
    sweet ginger soy - 9




Local Trout

    Chicken Thigh Confit
    grain pilaf, cranberry tomato salsa, rhubarb vinaigrette - 16
    Market Steak
    see your server for details

    Local Grilled Trout
    fruit salsa, sauté of fennel bulb, sweet onion and red cabbage,  burnt sweet onion vinaigrette - 15.5

    Braised Beef Cheek Rib
    mushroom charred barley, grilled veg, mushroom chips, pickled cherry tomatoes - 17

    Market Veg Pasta
    see your server for details

    Pork Tacos
    smoked corn and black bean salsa, lime crème fraîche, cilantro and jalapeno puree - 15


Shared Plates


    whole wheat flatbread, honey roasted tomatoes, olive tapenade, chevre, arugula, apple balsamic reduction - 14

    Seed to Sausage and house made meats,cheeses, roasted olives, fresh fruit, bread - 21



    Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
    cooked in duck fat, herbs - 5

    parmesan, vincotto – 5

    Grilled Vegetables
    fresh grilled market vegetables - 6

    croutons, parmesan - 5



Milk & Cookies

    Feature Brûlée - 7

    Cookies and Milk
    glass of milk and cookies - 6
    Fresh Berries and Devonshire Cream - 7


    Check out the board for our Daily Specials!


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Red House

Adam James Park

Adam brings over 20 years of culinary experience to the kitchen at Red House. Be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook so you don't miss his creative daily lunch and dinner specials. 

His passion for fresh, local ingredients guarantees your dining experience will be a memorable one every time! 


We look forward to seeing you soon!

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